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Although spanking a girl is possibly the most direct way to get her attention so as to punish her there is more to a punishment session than simply the spanking.  In fact, the spanking itself may, and probably should, take the least amount of time.  Just as important is the pre-spanking and post-spanking time.  Taking a girl by the wrist to "Come with me!", is very effective in focusing her attention that something is about to happen.  Or, "Go to your room and get ready for your spanking," is also quite effective.  Making her think about what is about to happen, or will happen in 20 to 30 minutes, helps her to focus her attention on what behavior is going to change to avoid future spankings.  Most often I like to make a girl wait for 20 to 30 minutes after she is informed that a spanking will be administered before actually giving her the spanking. 

Since my girls report to the Academy Rooming Home for their conferences and punishments, I frequently make them "get ready" in the Living Room so that the other coeds can see that she is going to be punished.  Since all of the girls are punished in a similar manner, they all frequently see other coeds getting spanked. 

Frequently I will make her stand with her hands behind her back for awhile and then pull her pants down to expose her bottom for others to see, as shown below, so that she has time to contemplate her spanking and others have time to contemplate what will happen to them if they do not behave properly.  And, as she stands there I will also go to her and slap her bottom several times to remind her what is about to happen. 

In further preparation for her spanking I will make her assume a position that presents her bottom properly to be spanked, but will delay the spanking for another several minutes to, again, give her time to think and others to enjoy seeing her bending over ready to be spanked.  A couple of the positions are shown below.  The position with her facing the wall with her hands behind her back is excellent in that when the spanking starts, she cannot raise up without hitting her head on the wall.  Also, by not being able to grab her ankles, another favorite position, she has to strain more to hold her position.  Either position, however, is excellent in that she has to work hard to keep her position, or be spanked again for moving out of position. 


While spanking a girl is the preferred focus for punishment, other means of punishment may be appropriate.  As I interview each girl who comes to the Academy, and I have interviewed hundreds of girls over the years, I always ask them what happens if they become arrogant and flippant and talk-back to their disciplinarian.  In every instance they say that she gets or should get her face slapped as Daija does, shown below.  Hair flying and head turning, the face-slap gets a real and immediate response that focuses the girl's attention. 

Although spanking may be the eventual method of punishment, in real life punishment sessions, much more occurs, and a face-slap is one thing that occurs when a smart-mouthed girl talks-back.  Remember that these are punishment sessions and not necessarily only spanking sessions. 


In addition to a spanking and face-slap, a girl may also have her mouth washed-out with soap as shown below.  Again, this is mainly used when a girl talks-back, in addition to the face-slap, or when she cannot control her language as in swearing, or, as I do, just to punish her in a manner that she is not expecting. 

Now, whereas many simply use the entire bar of soap to wash a girl's mouth, which I also do, I have found that it is much more effective to also just get a gloved hand very soapy and make her stick her tounge out to be washed and also to give the entire mouth a good washing.  I also use a very soapy wash cloth to wash that mouth out.  Anything to make sure the girl's mouth is thoroughly washed, even making her take a glass of very soapy water and rinsing her mouth out several times. 


But, after all of the preliminaries, we get right down to the spanking.  Here it just depends on how hard I want the girl to work to hold her position.  The first photo below shows her having to work really hard to keep her bottom in position.  The other thing about this position, however, is that it keeps the bottom well-positioned so that a strap or paddle can be used very effectively.  This and similar positions are used when a very hard spanking is required. 

But, we all probably enjoy a girl over our knee where we have the most control in presenting her bottom for the corrective-attention it needs, as shown below. 

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  1. why can't I find the video of Daija having her mouth soaped? Are there other mouth soaping scenes we can look forward to seeing? Loving your site so far!

  2. Hi,
    The mouth-washing scenes will be up at some point on the site. It is difficult to know when due to the great number of videos to be uploaded. Even at a video-a-day, it will take over a year to get the older videos up, and then there are all of the new ones! Really, that's a good thing! :)
    However, I'll see if I can get the editor to take care of that problem! I do not have too many mouth-washings, but with my new Spanked Coed Francesca, I know that I will. Fortunately, or unfortunately, she will also need her face slapped quite often. She mentioned that when she applied. She said that she had a problem with back-talking, swearing and other verbal problems, and that she thought that she would need her face slapped and mouth washed out frequently to help her take care of the problem.
    Keep checking back and I'll see what can be done.
    Headmaster, Ken

  3. Please do what you can to get more uploaded. There's a serious shortage of supply in the community, and it seems like the demand for such is underestimated. Glad to hear Francesca will have her mouth washed out. She's cute too, I look forward to seeing her videos.

    Have you ever considered mouth soaping combined with spanking? ie while her mouth is being washed out have her stand up straight with the bar of soap in her mouth, instruct her to bite down on the bar and keep her hands behind her head or back, and give her bottom a couple dozen smacks with the soap still in her mouth. I have yet to see this done anywhere, and even the entire RS sites have maybe 3 or 4 mouth soaping scenes total.

    Mouth soaping is a humiliating and frustrating punishment for the girl being punished, and is associated with old-fashioned american child-rearing. Shouldnt be too much of a leap to think a large number of spanking enthusiasts might be drawn to what could be (if you wanted it to be) the only good punishment spanking site that includes mouth soapings in more than 1% of the videos. Its a very under-tapped market if you ask me.

  4. Hi,Mobbobrob,

    Thanks for your recommendations.

    Give me a little time here and I'll have more mouth-washing and other seldom-seen punishments on my site. Actually, they will first be seen on the Spanking Library site, since it does take a long time to get videos up from the time they are produced to the time they are seen on a site. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done about that. But, I can post the newer videos fairly quickly on They must be obtained by individual videos, but I can assure you that they will be worth it.

    And, in all of my videos, there is always a spanking regardless of anything else. As for the type of mouth-washing you are requesting, I will have to see. I believe that the mouth-washing portrayed in this industry is somewhat contrived. That is, "soap eating" instead of "mouth washing". It will be January before the next semester starts here, so I will not be punishing the girls until then ..., of course, unless one of them gets really bad! :) That would be great! Anyway, I will demonstrate for you what a realistic, domestic mouth-washing looks like in the next month or so. And, it will include a good spanking. Then, I will be producing as many as I can, along with some other not often-seen punishments. :)

    Enjoy the holidays, and I'll see what I can do, Ken

  5. Thanks for your response.

    I understand spankedcoeds is your site, and I am only one customer, but if I understand what you mean by "soap eating" vs. "mouth washing," what about those of us who prefer "soap eating?" For example, had he made her stand with good posture while biting down on the bar of soap he had moved around in her mouth several times, the mouth soaping (or "soap eating," assuming I understand your term) Mr. M gave Keagan on RSI would be a PERFECT example of what I am interested in seeing. The Daija mouth soaping now up is titillating, but not exactly what I'm requesting more of per se. Again, I do understand that I'm just one subscriber with unique and rather uncommon preferences.

    If "soap eating" refers to the unhealthy practice of having the girl swallow the soap rather than have it sit in her mouth before she is allowed to spit, then ignore my stated preference for it. To clarify and repeat, the way Mr. M pushes bar soap throughout Keagan's dirty mouth, very much including the points during which she must bite down and hold the soap in her mouth, is exactly what I'm hoping to see more of. Of course, biting down on the bar soap and keeping it there for a short time should always be preceded by the disciplinarian thoroughly moving the bar around her mouth to make sure she isn't able to avoid its bitter taste. And I would love to see the girl spanked while standing up straight with arms behind back and bar soap held between teeth.

    Any comments on these small but important details being included in the future or not? Also, mouth washing videos are contrived, but this is spanking videos we're talking about. It's hard to imagine how a site where grown adult women are paid to be punished physically in ways that cause unmistakable pain couldn't be contrived. Your among the very best at making it as real as such can be. (On an additional and unrelated personal note, it's not your style, but I would like to see more girls be unable to keep still and pinned to suppress their reflexes while instinctive wriggling ceases to hinder her spanking.)

    Thanks for your time and thoughts, and happy holidays to you and the girls as well.


    Had Mr. M had Keagan bite the soap and hold it in her mouth while standing upright AND THEN SPANKED HER IN THAT POSITION, that would be a perfect example of what I am hoping to see. He DID have her bite the bar of soap in between moving it around all corners of her mouth.

  7. Hi, Mobbobrob,
    Been busy lately and have not been back here in awhile.
    I'll see what I can do to get "mouth washing", "soap eating", etc. in the mix here. I appreciate your suggestions and will work them in.
    On your other note about the girls really not being able to be "held down," Daija is the most difficult and actually does get out of position frequently and has to be made to get back into position. I would just remark, though, that the reason that the spankings you see here look so real, is that they are quite genuine. Just call it a trade secret as to how that is accomplished. Although the girls are "performers", there are "performers" who do believe that they do need to get spanked, and this venue gives both of us what we want. :)
    Further, there are a great number of girls in this country who are 18- to 24-years-old who are still spanked at home. More than you may think. I have known of quite a few myself outside of this industry in real-life situations. So, although they may be getting paid, that does not minimize the reality of what is happening to them when they are over my knee!
    Headmaster, Ken