Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cortney Returns from Florida to Get Spanked!

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Cortney left a few months ago and took off for Florida.  While she may have had a good time in Florida, when she returned this weekend, she had a lot of spankings to catch up on.  Of course, I obliged!  And, for good reason, not the least of which is that she gained way too many pounds!  Not only that, but she came in looking very unprofessional!  And then there's her attitude!  And, since she had not been spanked in awhile, her spankings were harder to take ..., but hey, that's her problem! 

Although this does bring up a point that has to be considered when girls come to the Academy to receive spankings that they think they need ..., some may just be too old for hard spankings!  While all girls are considered, any who are over, say 35 or so, are cautioned that they may not be able to actually take the punishment they think they need.  So, they are evaluated more carefully before any punishment session is actually scheduled, and most are refused.  For Cortney, this will probably be her last session, but as you will see from her photos below, I sent her off with something to remember! 

Although she did not enjoy the punishment she got, which she was not supposed to, I hope you enjoy the photos.  You can also see some of her earlier punishment sessions on the main site:   






Hope you enjoy the photos.  I'll upload one of her OTK spankings later for your enjoyment.

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