Saturday, November 21, 2009

Daija & Kelly -- 2 Lovely Spanked Coeds!

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 Here are 2 lovely Spanked Coeds.  They look so great that one would never believe that Daija is a smart-mouthed little girl and Kelly just needs a lot of spanking-attention to keep her in line! 

But, let's first see who we have here. 



Kelly after getting spanked.

Daija & Kelly getting ready to be spanked again!

Daija presenting herself for her spanking over the sofa arm.

Daija presenting her bare bottom as she kneels on the ottoman.

Kelly getting spanked in the living room.

And, Kelly getting spanked in the bedroom!

Kelly kneeling after her spanking!

Both Daija and Kelly have become exceptional coeds at the Academy, probably because they are both frequently spanked! 

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