Saturday, November 7, 2009

Heather Returns

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Heather returned to the Academy after being gone for several months.  To let her know that she was not going to be treated any different than before, the Headmaster got right to her bottom and spanked her hard. 

Although, as seen below, she came in much better dressed and taken care of than before, the fact that she looks like a much more attractive girl, the Headmaster let her know that being late was not going to be tolerated, and she was going to be obedient to all of the Academy rules. 

Heather was extensively lectured about what would be expected of her, and then she was stripped naked and spanked. 

After being spanked, she was made to sit naked on the sofa to listen to what she was going to be doing and the number of spankings that she was going to receive.  All new girls are "oriented" properly their first day as they are given several spankings to impress on them that they will be spanked and they will be obedient. 

Then Heather was told to put on her schoolgirl uniform and told that she had better come dressed properly every time she comes to the Academy and she had better not be late. 


Dressed properly, Heather was made to complete several of her chores before being spanked again. 

And, since she had not cleaned the bathroom properly, she was sent upstairs to get undressed for a bathbrush-spanking in the bathroom.  The bathbrush is very hard and it is not used on most girls.  But Heather was not behaving as expected and received a hard bathbrush spanking.  Part of her spanking will be shown in the next update of the Blog. 

After being spanked in the bathroom, Heather was sent back downstairs to wait for her next spanking.  She was made to bend over and grab her ankles and to place her hands on the floor as her Headmaster used the paddle on her.  All-in-all, by the time Heather's day was over she knew that she had been spanked hard and she would be much more obedient now or be spanked every time there's a problem. 

Keep checking back as more of Heather's experiences at the Academy will be updated.  You can see more of Heather at the website:

Enjoy, Ken

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