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After remodeling the rest of the home, and getting it in fairly good condition so that the girls can be taken care of properly, we moved on to preparing the Punishment Room so that the girls can be taken there when they need more severe punishment than what is given in the main part of the home.

The girls are taken to the Punishment Room to tell them what they
are going to do to help prepare it so that they can be
spanked harder.

The Punishment Room is designed for more intense attention to the corrective needs of the girls than what is done in the remainder of the home.  It also creates more anxiety when they are told:  "Go to the Punishment Room and get ready for your spanking!"  As will be seen, there is a reason for their anxiety.

Daija, of course, with her smart-mouth, is the first girl to be
spanked in the Punishment Room.  Here the riding crop is 
frequently used in addition to more effective straps and paddles. 

Heather, however, is the first girl getting ready to be strung up for
a whipping.  As she undresses, her Headmaster begins to whip
her with the riding crop.  The riding crop is used on her back,
legs, thighs and bottom.

Daija, being the Coed-in-Charge, is responsible for assisting in
preparing the girls for their spankings.  Here she gets Heather
tied up properly to the hook in the ceiling.  Hooks have been
properly placed for ease of presenting the girls.

Once Heather is properly tied, her Headmaster administers her
whipping with the riding crop.  In addition to being more severe
whippings and spankings in the Punishment Room, the 
punishment is also longer.  Normally the girls are taken to the 
Punishment Room only when they can count on being there
for 30-minutesto an hour or longer!

And, not only is the riding crop used on Heather, but she also
receives the strap.  And there are a variety of heavier straps that
will be used on the girls in the future.  This is but the first day of 
many that these girls will see in the Punishment Room.  In the
future, they will get to experience the stirrup strap among others!

But, as always, Daija just cannot behave, even if she is in-charge
of the other girls.  So, once again, she's presenting her bare
bottom for the Headmaster's corrective attention while Lynn gets
ready for her own whipping.  Heather is now kneeling and waiting
more punishment.

As Daija prepares Lynn to be whipped, the Headmaster continues
to work on Heather's bare bottom.  When in the Punishment 
Room there is no time to just sit around.  Once the punishment 
session begins, the girls can count on one of them being spanked
almost continuously.  Heather may have thought her punishment
was over after her whippingbut such was not the case!

And, again, Daija just cannot do what she is supposed to do in
preparing the girls for punishment.  Being the Coed-in-Charge is
hard work, and the girl who is frequently gets spanked more than
the girls who are being punished.  As here, normally more than
one girl will be taken to the Punishment Room to be punished as
the Headmaster first works on one bottom and then another!

But finally, not wanting Lynn to think she has been forgotten, her
Headmaster begins to work on her bottom.  He continues to whip
Lynn as Daija contemplates the spankings she has received
and Heather continues to present herself for more spankings.

When their punishment is complete, the girls are
lined up and lectured.

After being lectured, they have their Corner-Time.  But in the
Punishment Room they will stay there for 30-minutes to an hour.
And, you can just see the room to the right off of the Punishment
Room.  That is the Confinement Room.  That is where rebellious
girls are taken, tied by their wrists and ankles and made to lay
down on the floor where they will stay for several hours!
After their confinement they will be taken OTK for a very hard
hairbrush spanking in the Punishment Room and then another
very hard Before-Bed Spanking later that day.

As seen, the Punishment Room is not a place where these girls like to be taken.  The punishment is much more severe and longer than when they are simply spanked other places in the home.

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