Monday, March 29, 2010

Brooke -- You Are Going to Love this New Girl!

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Brooke completing her application.  Applicants must submit
an on-line application before being interviewed.

Brooke is an exceptional girl who you will really enjoy.  She knows that she needs to be frequently spanked to make sure she is obedient and succeeds in achieving her goals.  To see her getting spanked, go to where you will find a couple of clips.  Or go to or to see the full videos. 

Brooke learns to present herself properly prior to being
spanked.  The girls must learn to behave properly and
prepare themselves properly before being spanked.

Here Brooke presents herself for her breasts inspections.

[Well, I had more photos, but the Blog server is not working right and I cannot get them uploaded.  Maybe later.]  

Anyway, I will eventually have more of Brooke over my knee and bending over in the Punishment Room.  Check back. 

Headmaster Ken

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