Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bottom Bruising

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From recent comments concerning a video produced by Michael Masterson, I see that I am not the only one who some viewers would like to criticize for being "abusive". 

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, bottoms do bruise when getting spanked.  And some bruise more than others.  And, when they bruise, they turn many different colors, including black-and-blue.  Of course, that can be avoided, as many sites do, by simply giving a girl a "patty-cake" spanking in which one has to really do some creative imagining to actually believe that the girl is getting spanked.  But, that's not for me, and other sites like those found in Real Spankings Network where the girls get spanked for "real".  There is a lot of promoting by various sites that they give "real" spankings.  Well, if they do, then the results will be bruised bottoms, and some will be more bruised than others.  And, if a girl is being punished hard, she will have a very bruised bottom.  If you don't want to see it, don't watch! 

On the positive side, since we both are getting complaints about "abusing" the girls, we are certainly doing a great job in presenting "real" spankings.  It is good when viewers actually believe that the girl is being "abused"!  If she weren't, she would not be presenting a properly punished girl.  Great job, Mike, keep up the good work!  I actually had one viewer of mine who wanted to "save" Daija from me.  He offered that "if you can get away, I'll help you".  Daija really liked that!  That meant that she was doing a great job of presenting a believable girl being punished. 

Now, just to add to the mix, here are some bottoms of some of my girls who get bruised when they get spanked.  The first 3 are of Zara and the last one is of Suzanne.  They both wanted more!  Especially Zara, whenever I finished spanking her, she would always say that she thought she should be spanked some more; and, of course, I obliged!  And, as you can see, Zara also got thrashed as she was strung up in the Punishment Room and whipped on her back.  Those are the marks of a riding crop that was used to whip her back.  Oh my! 

Now, here are some bottoms for comparison when you see others getting spanked.  If a girl is spanked hard, she is going to bruise, some more than others.  If she doesn't bruise she probably has not been spanked hard.  Further, if she does bruise, she probably knows it and yet continues to come back for more. 

Is it "abuse"?  Of course it is!  Anyone is "abused" when they are hit, that's the point!  If they are not "abused" they are not punished.  So, get over it, or go watch something else! 

If any of the girls watching would like to get spanked hard, just contact me and get to the Academy and I'll give you a proper spanking! 

Headmaster Ken

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