Monday, April 5, 2010

Brooke's Progressive Spanking

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The girls at the Academy are kept in line and behaving properly by being administered a variety of spankings, each one designed to accomplish a particular goal. 

Spankings are not just "spankings", but are intended to achieve a specific goal, since, otherwise, they are just beatings.  Now sometimes a girl may deserve a good beating, but even that should be couched in a particular type of spanking so that the girl "knows" that she is being beaten and why.  Some of the spankings that the girls at the Academy receive are:  Growing-Up Spankings, Training Spankings, Maintenance Spankings, Preemptive Spankings, Before-Bedtime Spankings, Bedtime Spankings, Touching-Up Spankings, Just-Because Spankings, Punishment Spankings, Disobedience Spankings, and Academic Spankings.  These spankings will be discussed in more detail in future Blogs. 

Girls who are in a Master-Submissive relationship also receive Submission Spankings and Proprietary Spankings, although the girls at the Academy do receive a variation of the Proprietary Spankings if they are going steady.  The Proprietary Spanking is required when a girl is going steady and she cheats on her boyfriend and is found playing around with another boy or flirts in public.  (I guess flirting in private is OK, since no one will really know!)  This spanking impresses upon the girl that her body "belongs" to her steady boyfriend and she is not to use it for another boy's pleasure! 

And, as noted by the title of this Blog, the girls also receive Progressive Spankings, which are a form of Punishment Spankings.  And, since they are for punishment, it is important that an implement other than the hand is used to spank the girl.  The Headmaster normally likes the hairbrush and paddle.  He likes the hairbrush, in particular, since the girls really hate it because it hurts too much!  The following series of photos depict the Progressive Spanking that Brooke received:   

As seen from the last photo, the Headmaster normally likes to end with the girl in a "corner-time" position where he administers a "final" 20 strokes. 

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Enjoy, Headmaster Ken

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