Friday, March 25, 2011

New Girl Kyndall!

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Meet our new Spanked Coed Kyndall.
Kyndall is a very attractive and lovely girl.  
She's your typical "girl-next-door" who you just
know would never have to be spanked.
As usual, you'd be wrong!

Kyndall comes from a small farming community where girls are apparently frequently spanked.  Kyndall has been spanked has been spanked by both her dad and boyfriend.  Her dad spanked her until she was 18 and her boyfriend has spanked her when she does not get her chores done or serve him properly. 
 Here, Kyndall is preparing dinner in the kitchen.  
She is learning that in the Rooming Home, she
will frequently be naked or dressed very skimpy,
ready to be spanked!

And, it doesn't take much to have her bending over the kitchen stool for her spankings, as seen below. 

 The Headmaster, of course, wants her bare bottom presented fully exposed and ready to spank, so he does not have to do anything but give that bottom the spanking-attention it needs.  As seen below, Kyndall knows how to present herself very well to be enjoyed, inspected, and spanked! 

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