Monday, January 24, 2011

Brooke's New 2-hour Movie!

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Brooke has always had problems wetting her bed and her panties.  A new movie is being produced and will be available soon--sometime in early February on Spanking Library (click the banner above).  The movie is appropriately entitled:  "Brooke Still Pees Her Panties!" 

Of course, in addition to seeing Brooke in diapers and panties with pads, she is spanked a lot!  Shown below are some of the scenes that you will see in the movie! 

Hope you enjoy these photos and will enjoy the film! 

This film is actually produced to bring awareness to the plight of many girls who are 19-years-old, or thereabouts, and who still pee themselves at night and during the day.  It is estimated that about 2% of 19-year-old girls still wet themselves at night and during the day.  So, this is no trivial matter.  And, it may be that the Headmaster's discipline program could very well help these girls to overcome their problem, just as it has in helping girls who cut.  Within 2 weeks of discipline-therapy, the Headmaster helped a girl to stop cutting who had been cutting for over 2 years previously and had been hospitalized at times as she had cut herself so deep that she was bleeding out.

Whether or not a girl can be "cured" of wetting herself by being in the spanking-discipline program of the Headmaster remains to be seen.  But, after 15+ years of putting up with the problem, it just may be worth a try.  This is especially so when 20% of those girls who are still wetting themselves at 19 do so every day! 

Headmaster Ken