Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just Good, Hard Spankings!

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I have now initiated a collection of "Just Good, Hard Spankings" videos.  These are a collection of several of the more memorable spankings that the girls have received.  There is very little set-up and I get right to the spankings.  Some of the images from these films are shown below. 

Here Bailey gets strapped hard as she throws off her bra!

Bending over the desk, Bailey gets strapped hard!

Here, Heather is taken over her Headmaster's knee!

Kelly is learning to be obedient!

In the bedroom, Amber gets spanked hard!

Amber learns to present her bottom properly to be spanked!

Amber gets her legs up and holds them so she can be
strapped properly!

As you can tell, Amber's strapping does hurt!

These spankings can be found on Spanking Library, and more will be produced in the days ahead. 

Enjoy, Headmaster Ken