Sunday, December 5, 2010

Murghi Punishment

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Murgha punishment is frequently used in India and Pakistan to punish girls and boys in school, all the way through to college, as well as at home.  Girls living at home continue to be punished with Murghi and/or spanking regardless of their age.  Whereas in the United States, there has frequently been skepticism as to whether or not girls continue to be spanked after they turn 18 when living at home, in India there is no doubt.  Girls over 18 who still live at home may be spanked even daily or punished in some way.  Such is even more frequent in the U.S. than many skeptics wish to believe.  But, that will be for another blog, and has been discussed in depth by the Headmaster in other blogs. 

At Spanked Coeds, I am implementing what I refer to as American Murghi Punishment, to distinguish it from what is practiced in India and Pakistan just in case there are any glaring discrepancies in what we do here; although, the main reason is to emphasize its use in the U.S. and to encourage its use to a greater degree.  It is introduced here as American Murghi Punishment in the hope that it will be practiced more widely now that it is known.  The reason is that Murghi Punishment presents the girl's bottom in a very well-exposed position so that she can be spanked very hard and she cannot reach back to cover her bottom ... unless she wants to be even more harshly spanked.  As can be seen by the 2 photos below of Angelina in the proper Murghi Punishment Position, her bottom is well-exposed so that she can be spanked hard.  It is believed that this position is much better to administer her spanking than even having her bending over the end of a bed, chair or other furniture. 

Angelina in the proper Murghi Punishment Position.

As can be seen, Angelina's bottom is well-presented to be spanked!

Now most often one will see that this position is referred to as "Murgha" rather than "Murghi".  The difference is that "Murgha" is the "position of the cock," whereas "Murghi" is the "position of the hen".  Since at Spanked Coeds, we are punishing girls, the proper term is "Murghi".  Basically, for either, the position is supposed to be characteristic of the chicken, where the girl bends over, reaches around the outside of her legs and grabs her ears.  Then, a variety of punishments can be administered.  Where our focus is on spanking, there are a variety of other punishments that will be used and will be described in future blogs. 

For example, whereas we frequently may give a girl "Corner Time" where she stands facing a corner or the wall, Murghi Positional Punishment may be used.  That is, the girl is made to assume the Murghi position and simply stay there for a period of time, from 15 minutes up to an hour or two, just as she would be made to take her Corner Time.  One difference, of course, is that Murghi is much more difficult to maintain than just standing.  Shown below is Brooke after she was given Murghi Punishment.  She was made to hold that position for 15 minutes.  This is similar to what the Headmaster normally does following the spanking of a girl where she is made to maintain her final position, or a position that exposes her bottom, but in this case the girl is simply made to maintain the Murghi Position she has been assuming for her spanking. 

Brooke is made to take her Corner Time in the position of the Murghi
Positional Punishment.  Murghi can be used for such "positional
punishment" and is very difficult to maintain, making it far more punishing.

Now, especially when there is more than one girl being punished at a time, the girls may be made to do a Murghi Parade.  This is where the girls are lined up and made to assume Murghi and then to "walk" in that position.  Of course, this can be done even with one girl as is done with Brooke as shown below.  The Walking Murghi, for one girl, or Murghi Parade, for more than one girl, is an excellent punishment where one just wants to embarrass the girl or to enforce her obedience when she has been very disobedient.  Of course, as shown here, the Headmaster is still carrying the hairbrush so that she can be spanked if she disobeys, or he believes that she just needs more attention to her bottom for encouragement. 

Brooke is made to do Walking Murghi.

Now, some girls, due to physical build, may not actually be able to get into a full Murghi position, or the girl may just get really tired and have to go out of Murghi.  In those situations, you will still want to keep her as close to Murghi as possible.  Sometimes, the position may simply revert to what we would normally call the Ankles Position where she simply grabs her ankles.  At least she keeps her bottom in position where she can be properly spanked.  Shown below are 2 such positions: 

Here Brooke is getting lazy and just grabs her ankles.

And, here, Brooke gets even more lazy and but places her hands
near her ankles.  Not to worry though, as long as her bottom
remains in position, she can still be spanked, which is the
point of the punishment and position.

Now, of course, the girl does not have to be naked to do Murghi.  Shown below, Brooke is wearing her schoolgirl uniform as she is spanked in Murghi. 

Brooke is made to Murghi in her schoolgirl uniform as she is spanked.

Brooke's schoolgirl uniform is easily raised to expose her bottom for her spanking.

The punishment of Brooke in Murghi can be seen at the Spanking Library where the film is entitled:  "Brooke: Murghi Instruction (American Murghi)". 

As there is much more to Murghi Punishment, we will stop here, but will be providing more information in the future concerning this punishment.  And, just to give you something to look forward to, we will be using the following punishments as we move forward: 

(1) Murghi Parade, as we get more girls
(2) Murghi Nipple Punishment
(3) Murghi Mouth-Washing
(4) Murghi Toe-Touching
(5) Furniture Murghi; e.g., Chair Murghi, Ottoman Murghi, etc.
(6) Location Murghi; e.g., Van-Murghi, Picnic-Murghi, School-Murghi, Road-Side-Murghi, etc.

I wish to thank both Neha and Geeti for the information that they have provided for this report.  As girls in India who have or still receive Murghi Punishment, their insights are greatly appreciated. 

Headmaster Ken

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Falaka (Bastinado), Murgha, & Spanking Punishment of Angelina

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Angelina is both a secretary and student at the Academy.  As a result, she does receive a lot of punishment.  And, since she has a lot to learn about always being barefoot in the Academy and not performing at the nightclubs, she is given a lot of Falaka Punishment.  And, Murgha Punishment has also been found to be very effective with her. 

But, first, Angelina is a very lovely girl as you can see: 

Angelina, shown smiling -- one of the few times you
will see her this way.  Most often she is as shown 
below -- naked and scared of the spanking she
is going to receive!

 Angelina, getting ready to be spanked!

Most of the girls just have to be spanked OTK, or bending over in an appropriate manner.  But, Angelina just needs a lot of punishment, and it has been found that spanking her in a variety of positions and different ways of punishing her is more effective; e.g., in addition to spanking her OTK, she is also given Falaka Punishment and Murgha Punishment, as well as taking her to the Punishment Room to be tied up and spanked.

Angelina, OTK in her schoolgirl uniform being spanked
to "encourage" her to study better. 

Angelina being spanked with a paddle after being made to strip
naked.  Most often the girls have to strip naked to be spanked
since it has been found that a girl pays much more attention
when she is naked when she is spanked.

Angelina receiving Falaka Punishment.

Angelina OTK receiving Falaka Punishment.
With Angelina, her positioning OTK so that both her bare bottom
and feet are properly presented provides for a more effective
punishment.  She is required to keep her feet of the floor with
her knees bend so her feet are easily accessible to be hit.
In this position, her Headmaster can alternate between her
bottom and fee to administer her punishment.

Angelina is shown above in the Murgha 
Position.  It is clear that this is an excellent
position in which to spank her.  And, it, of
course, can be done naked or clothed. 
Having her naked, of course, is most effective.

Angelina bound and gagged in the
Punishment Room for her whipping.

Angelina kneeling on her bed to be spanked.

Angelina being made to strip down to be inspected
and to get ready to be spanked.

Angelina standing at-attention as she is lectured about
her unacceptable behavior and informed of the
spanking she is going to receive.
Angelina sitting properly at-attention as her behavior is
evaluated and her assignments are given.
When speaking with the Headmaster, the girls must
always be at-attention and speak properly.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Brooke's Academy Return

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Brooke has returned to the Academy after having been dismissed due to attitude problems.  This time, she was given a long Attitude-Adjustment as soon as she returned, as you can see from the photo below. 

Brooke receiving one of many OTK spankings
to help "adjust" her attitude upon returning to
the Academy.  She was punished during a
15-minute punishment session.  You can see
her spanking-punishment at Spanking Library.

It is good to have Brooke back with us, and we know that she will behave much better this time and accomplish many of her goals.  Below are more photos that show just how lovely Brooke is. 

As you can see, Brooke receives a lot of personal attention.  You can see more of her at both Spanking Library and Spanked Coeds: 

Headmaster Ken

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Counseling & Spanking Therapy

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I offer private Counseling & Spanking Therapy Sessions. 

I started with a new client today, Saturday, and had planned on seeing her every other Saturday.  However, the session went so well that her husband thought she should return every Saturday so that she would progress faster.  She has been seeing therapists for many years with little to no success.  She said that she is tired of "Talk-Therapy" and needs something that will provide more direct results. 

To understand just how satisfied she is with her first session, read the following email that was just received from her.  Her session did start with a spanking and a mouth-washing, and the spankings continued during her session.  Here is her report: 

Dear Headmaster Ken,

I think my first spanking therapy session went very well. 
Naturally I  was very nervous at the onset not knowing what to expect. Sitting with Diaja filling out the paperwork was a very sobering affair. Hearing the two of you place the soap, bowl, dishrag, etc. in ready position (for my mouth-washing) made me more anxious knowing I would be tasting the soap in short order. 
I was and am very proud of myself for actually showing up and surviving my first spanking session.  My follow-through with activities has been sporadic at best.  My husband fully expected me to chicken out and return home.  He even thought I might pretend to go and come back and tell him I did go.  However, he knows I'm not a liar and would not deceive him in such a manner.  Plus he couldn't possibly imagine how I was going to fake a red bottom. 
Upon my return home he told me how proud he was of me for following through. 
Naturally, I had to present my red bottom to him for inspection. He was pleased but felt I could have handled a more severe spanking(Of course, I will do so.  I do not want to disappoint a very approving husband!) 
He was extremely pleased that you succeeded in actually getting me to throw some things away without resistance.  (This client is a hoarder, and we will be working on that every week until she gets her kitchen clean to where she can actually cook, and the dining room table clear so they can actually sit down and eat at the table!)  
I wanted to resist and put up a fuss but I knew what the consequence would be and had to ask myself - do you want to change your life for the better or do you really want to hang on to the Tupperware that's been doing nothing but cluttering up your van?  Of course, I am having to resist the strong urge to go thrift shopping to replace what I tossed.  If I do, I will be honest enough with you so that you can punish me if I do so. 
Something I sometimes do to alleviate my anxiety about throwing things away is to keep an actual list of the items tossed and telling myself if I ever really need the item in the future I have permission to replace the item. To date I've only replaced a few books that have been on the list.  I couldn't believe I actually threw the things away.  It kind of gives me hope that maybe I can change my 21-year-old cluttered life after all.  I just need to take it one item at a time and do the work instead of getting overwhelmed and retreating to sleep or letting hopelessness and failure over take me.  
The stupid things and stuff in my life provide a sense of security and comfort to me as dumb as that seems when in fact they keep me a prisoner in my own home.
My husband was so impressed with my new found sense of self confidence at doing two things I didn't think I could do that he suggested that I have spanking therapy every Saturday to enforce my new habits.  He feels we will save more than enough by my cooking meals at home to pay for the extra therapy.  (In 20 years of marriage, she has only cooked maybe 5 meals!)  So, if you can pencil me in for Saturdays, I would be happy to submit myself to future discipline sessions.  
I have to agree with him, I think you were a little too easy on my backside this first time.  Not that the spankings weren't severe enough because they were.  There just weren't enough swats.  (As noted above, that "problem" will be corrected in the future!) 
I was going to ask you for another spanking, one for the road so to speak, before I left but I chickened out on that one.  Tell Diaja I really enjoyed meeting her and appreciated that you and her allowed me to witness her being punished. I was fine with her being with me during portions of my session.
The firmer you can be with me in tone, manner, and lecture the more receptive I'll be.  I've had years of talk therapy with no results.  I need someone in my life to be really firm and honest with me if I'm to make significant changes.  I liked that you were so blunt in what you had to tell me. 
I was happy that we agreed to a five-pound-a-week weight loss plan.  Will I be spanked 3 times for each pound over this goal loss?  For instance if I lose two and half pounds, will I be spanked for the two and half pounds I didn't lose with 7 swipes of the paddle?  And what if, heaven forbid, I gain a pound or two?  As agreed I will weigh myself on Friday mornings at school so we will have an accurate number to go with on Saturdays.  (As I followed-up with her, she will be spanked with 10 strokes for every pound she gains!)  

Since we hardly ever get a weekend to ourselves my husband took me out to lunch and one thing led to another resulting in me not following through with the kitchen yet, but I will do work on it for at least two hours this evening before I go to bed.  I'm going to video tape the before and after results for you.  (This is an indication of a very dedicated girl, one who definitely wants to change her life style.  She has a lot of weight to lose and is doing something constructive to do so.) 
You are also going to be very disappointed that at dinner I had a coke and one refill.  At least, I limited myself to the one refill instead of several that I usually have because I love having peanuts with an ice cold coke.  (And, this at least shows improvement over her normal behavior.  We are always looking for improvement even if the immediate results are not the eventual goal.)  
I justified it to myself with the following logic which is probably nothing but a poor excuse.  I was celebrating my success and if I'm allowed to have 1 coke a day that's seven cokes a week and I have been really, really good this week having had only one coke. Now my total for the week is 3 still a far cry from the 7 I could have had. I will always be honest with you in my transgressions because if I lie to you or myself in this venture I'm not going to make the behavioral gains I need to make. 

 Luckily, our daughters were out of town for the weekend this weekend so I was able to dress this morning at our house before leaving.  On future visits though I will have to dress at a fast-food spot or be granted your permission to change into my proper attire for spanking when I arrive  at therapy as I don't want my girls to wonder why mommy's dressing inappropriately.  (By "inappropriately" she means in a short skirt and blouse.  She has to wear a short skirt and blouse so that she can quickly bend over, pull the back of her skirt up and be spanked when required.  I will allow her to change her clothes at the rooming home when she arrives so that she is ready to be spanked as required.) 
In fact we have decided that if and when any of our kids ask where I am off to on Saturday mornings or why I'm suddenly showing up for life at home instead of sleeping my life away, we're simply going to let them know I'm seeing a new therapist and the new therapy seems to be working.  Which is true.  (This girl has been sleeping here days away instead of caring for her family and herself as she should.  That is now changing!) 

Pleasantly pleased with my red bottom,
If you would like your own spanking therapy or punishment sessions, please contact the Headmaster:  

Headmaster Ken

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Coed Daughter Jade

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Spanked Coed Daughter Jade has arrived at the Academy Rooming to start learning from the Headmaster who will be her Daddy for the foreseeable future. 

As can be seen by the following photo, Jade is a lovely girl, but she says that she needs to be properly "motivated" to get her work done and behave herself. 

 Jade, the Headmaster's new daughter, is a very
lovely girl.  You will really enjoy getting to know 
Jade, as she does need a lot of control and training.
After it was explained to Jade that her Daddy was in fact very strict, although caring, and that she would be expected to be obedient and do what she was told to do or she would be spanked hard, she replied:  

"Sounds like everything I've been searching for. 
I am very pleased and very ready to be your daughter.
I've tried very hard to find discipline and structure in my life,
which is what I need.  I need to be controlled to make sure that
I get my work done that I have to do, and I need help in planning
for school.  I want to go to school so that I become a better
person and get a job that I want.
I'm so happy about this. Thank you so so much. "

Jade was told that she would be well cared for by her loving Daddy, but, again, that she was expected to do better with her behavior and to start getting her chores done on time.  Again, she replied:  

"Dear Daddy, 
                          It's very nice to have you there. I really want to be better, and 
I really hope I can be the best daughter ever.  
Believe me there are plenty of reasons to spank me, and I know you will. 
I have to get my life together.  It's just that every time I get motivated, 
I start to loose it and let people discourage me. 
I know better, but then I make excuses why I can't make it. 
As you probably have already figured out my self-esteem is very low. 
I'll be up at a decent hour tomorrow.  
Have a great evening.
                                                                  Your Lil Girl, Jade"

When Jade got to the Academy Rooming Home, she quickly learned that things were definitely going to be different and she was definitely going to start behaving better.  After a couple of spankings ... yes, Jade was spanked twice within a few minutes after walking in the door, one for not dressing properly and one for not taking her shoes off upon entering the home ... 

Jade receives one of her many bare-bottom
spankings soon after she enters the Academy
Rooming Home.

But, after her spankings, she was ordered to dress better and report back to her Daddy.  As you can see from the following photo, she began to realize that there was a reason she was scared of her Daddy, even if she did want all of the attention hew as giving here:  

After being spanked a couple of times and sent
to her room to get herself into a proper dress,
Jade returns in a much more somber, yet obedient
mood.  Her attitude-adjustment has begun!

Of course, Jade met Daija, who welcomed her and made her feel right at home.  While the Headmaster frowns on smoking, the girls do frequently sneak out to the back porch to smoke. 
Daija and Jade go to the back porch to talk and
have a smoke.
Of course, before bed, Jade was "reminded" that she had better behave properly and be obedient when she is in the home, and, in particular, she is to be obedient to her new Daddy or he will spank her hard. 

Jade receives her Before Bedtime Spanking.

To see Jade getting spanked, go to Spanking Library: 

Contact Daddy Ken if you also need to be controlled and supervised, and if spankings would help you attain your goals.  
Enjoy, Headmaster/Daddy Ken