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Although spanking a girl is possibly the most direct way to get her attention so as to punish her there is more to a punishment session than simply the spanking.  In fact, the spanking itself may, and probably should, take the least amount of time.  Just as important is the pre-spanking and post-spanking time.  Taking a girl by the wrist to "Come with me!", is very effective in focusing her attention that something is about to happen.  Or, "Go to your room and get ready for your spanking," is also quite effective.  Making her think about what is about to happen, or will happen in 20 to 30 minutes, helps her to focus her attention on what behavior is going to change to avoid future spankings.  Most often I like to make a girl wait for 20 to 30 minutes after she is informed that a spanking will be administered before actually giving her the spanking. 

Since my girls report to the Academy Rooming Home for their conferences and punishments, I frequently make them "get ready" in the Living Room so that the other coeds can see that she is going to be punished.  Since all of the girls are punished in a similar manner, they all frequently see other coeds getting spanked. 

Frequently I will make her stand with her hands behind her back for awhile and then pull her pants down to expose her bottom for others to see, as shown below, so that she has time to contemplate her spanking and others have time to contemplate what will happen to them if they do not behave properly.  And, as she stands there I will also go to her and slap her bottom several times to remind her what is about to happen. 

In further preparation for her spanking I will make her assume a position that presents her bottom properly to be spanked, but will delay the spanking for another several minutes to, again, give her time to think and others to enjoy seeing her bending over ready to be spanked.  A couple of the positions are shown below.  The position with her facing the wall with her hands behind her back is excellent in that when the spanking starts, she cannot raise up without hitting her head on the wall.  Also, by not being able to grab her ankles, another favorite position, she has to strain more to hold her position.  Either position, however, is excellent in that she has to work hard to keep her position, or be spanked again for moving out of position. 


While spanking a girl is the preferred focus for punishment, other means of punishment may be appropriate.  As I interview each girl who comes to the Academy, and I have interviewed hundreds of girls over the years, I always ask them what happens if they become arrogant and flippant and talk-back to their disciplinarian.  In every instance they say that she gets or should get her face slapped as Daija does, shown below.  Hair flying and head turning, the face-slap gets a real and immediate response that focuses the girl's attention. 

Although spanking may be the eventual method of punishment, in real life punishment sessions, much more occurs, and a face-slap is one thing that occurs when a smart-mouthed girl talks-back.  Remember that these are punishment sessions and not necessarily only spanking sessions. 


In addition to a spanking and face-slap, a girl may also have her mouth washed-out with soap as shown below.  Again, this is mainly used when a girl talks-back, in addition to the face-slap, or when she cannot control her language as in swearing, or, as I do, just to punish her in a manner that she is not expecting. 

Now, whereas many simply use the entire bar of soap to wash a girl's mouth, which I also do, I have found that it is much more effective to also just get a gloved hand very soapy and make her stick her tounge out to be washed and also to give the entire mouth a good washing.  I also use a very soapy wash cloth to wash that mouth out.  Anything to make sure the girl's mouth is thoroughly washed, even making her take a glass of very soapy water and rinsing her mouth out several times. 


But, after all of the preliminaries, we get right down to the spanking.  Here it just depends on how hard I want the girl to work to hold her position.  The first photo below shows her having to work really hard to keep her bottom in position.  The other thing about this position, however, is that it keeps the bottom well-positioned so that a strap or paddle can be used very effectively.  This and similar positions are used when a very hard spanking is required. 

But, we all probably enjoy a girl over our knee where we have the most control in presenting her bottom for the corrective-attention it needs, as shown below. 

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Spanking Bare Bottoms Hard

Today I want to consider how hard a girl should be spanked when punishing her.  To see  how hard I spank my girls, you can see them getting spanked at

I believe that there are too many depictions of girls being spanked in which the girl is not really being "spanked" but is simply having her bottom patted a little and everyone is to fantasize that she is actually being spanked.  That is possibly acceptable as long as no reality is desired.  However, when girls are given "real" spankings, they are spanked hard, and they are spanked on their bare bottom from the start.  There is no warm-up spanking, like starting over her jeans or skirt and then on her panties and finally on her bare bottom.  And, I never ask a girl if she is "ready".  Who cares?  She's being punished.  Ready or not, I'm going to spank that bottom! 

Of course, the main problem is that most people simply "play" at being spanked rather than being given real, natural and authentic spankings.  My girls only receive real discipline or punishment spankings.  They have to report to the Academy Rooming Home where they are lectured and spanked as required.  To convey the reality of their spankings, the cameras are always on so that there is no "script", only the natural interaction when they enter the Academy Rooming Home that results in a disobedient or misbehaving girl getting spanked.  The reality of this will become more apparent as I improve the mechanics of filming and the technology used to capture the actual punishments that the girls receive.  As can be seen by the above photo, Cortney was made to raise her skirt, pull her panties down and bend over to present her bare bottom for the hairbrush.  From her hand coming back and the tension in her legs, you can discern that she actually is being spanked hard. 

With few exceptions, all of the spankings I give my girls start on their bare bottom and start out hard, just as a "real" spanking would be given.  The Spanker cannot feel sorry for the girl, or he/she cannot administer a proper spanking.  I have found that actually the girls watching another girl gettings spanked are the ones who feel sorry for her.  And, in fact, this past week I was whipping Daija for making-out with Amber's boyfriend in the Academy and asked Amber if she thought that I should whip Daija some more, and she said "No".  Even she thought that Daija had had enough of my belt.  But, I didn't and continued to whip Daija some more.  The girl being spanked knows she needs to be spanked and takes what she is given. 

But, for those times when I start spanking a girl over her jeans or skirt, I make sure to apply extra hard strokes.  Sometimes the clothes must be left on, but when they are, the girl needs to be spanked harder for the same effect of a bare-bottom spanking. 

Now, how hard should a girl be spanked?  Well, how hard can you hit her bottom?  The spanking should be as hard as you want to spank her.  When a girl is spanked, she has no say as to how hard she is spanked or how long she is spanked.  As seen by the photos shown here, Cortney is being spanked hard and she is having a hard time keeping her hands away from covering her bottom.  Real spankings that I have seen and that have been recorded in various videos, the Spanker may actually use both hands to hold the paddle and deliver a full-force stroke to the girl's bottom.  Was the girl hurt?  Of course, as her knees buckle.  But, she got back into position and held her position for the next stroke.  Now, I do not actually advocate such harsh practices, since even a very firm hairbrush-spanking will get the girl's attention just as effectively as a full force paddle delivered with both hands, unless, of course, the girl really does need to be spanked exceptionally hard.  The only time such a beating (rather than a spanking) is required is if the girl is in some very serious trouble.  One such video can be seen on  See:  Here you will see "Sarah Did Not Do Paperwork on Time" which resulted in her owing a substantial amount of money.  But, for the most part, I look simply for very firm strokes to a bare bottom, rather than beatings, which I never give ... with very few exceptions.  Although, Heather did receive a "beating" at one time when she really needed it.  So, yes, they are given when required. 

Just as important as hitting a girl's bare bottom hard is her positioning.  As seen in the picture here of Suzanne bending over the desk, I wait until she is positioned exactly as I want her before I start to spank her bottom with the paddle.  Being able to apply the paddle or strap firmly and squarely on her bottom is important for the greatest effect.  In fact, the lead-up to the spanking is just as important as the spanking itself.  Making the girl undress, get the implement to be used on her, getting the pillow to put under her if desired, and all other activities leading up to the spanking are important parts of her punishment, as well as any corner-time or other presentation of her spanking that is desired when it is done.  And, simply leaving her in position to contemplate the impending strokes of the paddle or strap is also important to increase her anxiety. 

So, to administer a proper spanking, the girl must be spanked hard, about as hard as you can hit her without beating her, and she must keep her bottom properly presented to receive each stroke. 

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Monday, September 21, 2009


Welcome to Spanked Coeds. 

You can see many spankings of college coeds at my main site at:  After many years of counseling and mentoring college coeds and working girls of college age in which spanking was an integral part of their control and motivation, I have brought their experiences to you through films that depict the experiences these girls had when being mentored and spanked.  

Very soon after initially starting to work with college-age girls, one of my first students stated what the others had been thinking when she said: 

"I want to learn how to stand up and be assertive and do the things you want me to do.  However, you are going to have to make me do what I need to do.  And, to be sure I do what I need to do, the best way to do that is for you to spank me." 

And, this sentiment actually has a foundation in many activities.  Girls who participate in tennis, gymnastics, ice skating, ballet, and even stage performances are spanked if they do not train hard enough or do not do as well as they could do when competing or performing.  And this includes many well-known athletes and performers.  Academic and personal success is actually no different -- for those girls who want to really do their best.  Every girl who wanted to achieve their best has asserted that she would rather be spanked hard to make her succeed than to accept the mediocrity of her "accomplishments" when she is not challenged for her best performance and spanked hard when she does not meet those expectations. 

Such correction and motivation turned out to be quite productive and was readily accepted by the girls. 

Over the years I have mentored and controlled several hundred girls both in their academic work and personal life, and of working girls who wanted more control in their domestic life.  Spanking the girls was an integral part of these training programs. 

The main difference between the mentoring and training programs of former years and the videos shown for you today is that the girls for the videos are most often spanked on their bare bottom and are most often made to strip naked.  In fact, only a small percentage of the girls were ever spanked on their bare bottom, probably about 20% or so, although the few that were, were those who wanted the very strict and severe punishment required to make them do what they were required to do.  But even there, those girls who accepted being spanked on their bare bottoms, whether naked or just naked from the waist down, did far better and learned more quickly than those who would just bend over to receive their spanking over their skirt.  (Unlike today, the girls always had to wear a skirt and blouse.  If they ever showed up in blue jeans or anything unacceptable, she would be sent home to change and then return to be spanked for not dressing properly!) 

As a result of this backstory for the Spanked Coeds videos, the spankings are in fact quite real -- they are hard, they are initiated on the girl's bare bottom and, most often, the girl will cry, just as most girls do when they are spanked for real.  You can be assured that when you see the girls here being spanked, they are being spanked in a very real, natural and authentic manner. 

In this blog I will discuss the spankings that the girls receive, the reasons for the spankings and how the punishment of the girls is most effective for achieving the goals that they want to achieve.  The rules of the Academy Rooming Home will also be discussed and the various training programs designed to improve the academic and personal performances and abilities of the girls.