Sunday, December 27, 2009

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I have just posted a couple of new videos on the Spanking Library that are fairly long videos at 15 minutes and 21 minutes.  They feature Daija and Amber.  Enjoy some of the photos taken from the films below. 

From "Daija Spanked for Being Lazy":  

And, from "Amber Disobeying Boyfriend": 

Hope you enjoy the videos as much as I did spanking these two girls! 

Headmaster Ken

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Meet New Spanked Coed Francesca!

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Spanked Coed Francesca has come to the Academy to receive some of the hard spankings she says she needs to help her behave properly.  During her initial interview the Headmaster spanked her to make sure she would be able to take the spankings she needed to be obedient.  He started with the hairbrush, which all of the girls say hurts a lot.  Spanked Coed Francesca also thought it hurt a lot and was not sure she could take it.  But, she had a choice of leaving or taking what was required.  She decided that the spanking was worth it and after a nice hug from the Headmaster, she decided that she would be able to take what was required to stay with the Academy. 

As you can see below, Spanked Coed Francesca seems to be enjoying her application process to the Academy.  As least she was up until her first spanking with the hairbrush which wiped that smile off her face! 

Here, Francesca, completes and signs the forms
that are required for her to attend the Academy.

But, even after wiping the smile off her face, she just seemed to really enjoy herself and kept on smiling anyway, especially after talking the Headmaster into letting her wear her new uniform.  After a hesitant start, she really now believes that she belongs as she was persistent in wanting to wear a new uniform as seen below. 

Here, Spanked Coed Francesca, sits very prim
and proper in the living room as she shows
off her new uniform.  Regardless of how strict
the Headmaster was with her, she just really
seemed to enjoy herself at the Academy! 

 But then, the Headmaster saw her tattoo that she had on her back! 

Well, Spanked Coed Francesca may think she is "Sexy", but
she is going to have to behave different now!  That has been
part of her behavior problems--always flirting with the boys
and trying to get them to do what she wants--which is to
satisfy her sexually!  The Headmaster discussed her wanton
ways and informed her that she may be placed in one of the
very strict behavior-modification programs that he has for
just such girls where her sexual activity will be closely
monitored and she will be frequently stripped for full-body
inspections and spanked hard with a paddle and strap!

Spanked Coed Francesca said that she thought she would need the close supervision and control in order to control her sexual appetite, and said that she knew that she would probably have to be inspected frequently when she came to the Academy to make sure that she hadn't been playing with herself or having one of her boyfriends take care of her.  We'll see just what has to be done! 

After discussing her training program with her,
Daija sees that Spanked Coed Francesca is
really going to need a lot of punishment as Daija
applies the strap to her bottom.  It is fairly
certain that Daija, as the Coed-in-Charge,
will have to be using that strap a lot on
Francesca's bare bottom!

Of course the Headmaster had to get Francesca's attention as
he took her over his knee and spanked her. 

After the Headmaster spanked Francesca, he
sent her upstairs to her new bedroom to "Get
ready for another spanking."  And with the
arrogant attitude seen on her face, it is clear
that Spanked Coed Francesca will need a
lot of spanking-attention in the days ahead!

To impress on Francesca what will be expected of her the
next time she reports to the Academy, the Headmaster
made her bend over for more of his attention! 

And then, Francesca was shown how she would
wear her uniform properly.  Since she is very
"sexy", she is going to expose herself properly
so everyone can enjoy her!

Spanked Coed Francesca is a very lovely young lady who we all will enjoy as she continues to report to the Academy for her continued training and spankings. 

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Photo Gallery! & OTK Spanking Clips!

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Just a note to let you know about my new photo gallery.

I intend to update this photo gallery weekly, and sometimes more than once a week.  It will present hundreds of photos of my coeds from their punishment sessions during the past 5 years or so! 

Check it out now, and keep checking back! 

The first photo gallery presents Daija, my trusted and beautiful Coed-in-Charge! 

Click on the photo below to take you to the gallery! 

Daija stripped and spanked OTK!

Hope you enjoy all of the new features that are being prepared for your enjoyment. 

Also, starting this week, members of will also get to enjoy an additional clip of the girls getting spanked OTK!  The first one is available now to members, and the clips will be updated 3 times a week starting next week.  MWF will see new OTK Spankings each week! 

Enjoy, Ken

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Daija & Kelly -- 2 Lovely Spanked Coeds!

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 Here are 2 lovely Spanked Coeds.  They look so great that one would never believe that Daija is a smart-mouthed little girl and Kelly just needs a lot of spanking-attention to keep her in line! 

But, let's first see who we have here. 



Kelly after getting spanked.

Daija & Kelly getting ready to be spanked again!

Daija presenting herself for her spanking over the sofa arm.

Daija presenting her bare bottom as she kneels on the ottoman.

Kelly getting spanked in the living room.

And, Kelly getting spanked in the bedroom!

Kelly kneeling after her spanking!

Both Daija and Kelly have become exceptional coeds at the Academy, probably because they are both frequently spanked! 

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Spanked Coed Kelly -- Never Been Spanked!

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What a lovely girl, Spanked Coed Kelly, has turned out to be.

Spanked Coed Kelly is just as lovely in person as
she looks here. 

Spanked Coed Kelly is the kind of coed who you would never believe would ever need to be spanked.  But, she does!  As with many other attractive girls, she has often gotten her way because she just looks so sweet and innocent that others, mainly guys, just cannot say "No" to her.  But, she found out very quickly that her Headmaster is not one of those guys.  When a beautiful girl needs to be spanked, he just makes her strip naked and bend over and get spanked! 

As seen here, when Spanked Coed Kelly needs to be spanked
she bends over and gets spanked!

And Spanked Coed Kelly learned
quickly that when she was ordered
to kneel and wait to be punished,
she did as she was told!

Bending over, grabbing ankles.  Spanked
Coed Kelly will be in this position
frequently as her Headmaster works on
properly punishing her.

Check out our website to see Spanked Coed Kelly's first spanking ever. 
Just click on the photo shown there of her bending over her Headmaster's knee to see her get a real good paddling!  And see her excellent facial expressions as the paddle is applied to her bare bottom. 

Spanked Coed Kelly is going to be a real treat as she learns to behave properly and be obedient to her Headmaster. 

Sunday, November 15, 2009


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After remodeling the rest of the home, and getting it in fairly good condition so that the girls can be taken care of properly, we moved on to preparing the Punishment Room so that the girls can be taken there when they need more severe punishment than what is given in the main part of the home.

The girls are taken to the Punishment Room to tell them what they
are going to do to help prepare it so that they can be
spanked harder.

The Punishment Room is designed for more intense attention to the corrective needs of the girls than what is done in the remainder of the home.  It also creates more anxiety when they are told:  "Go to the Punishment Room and get ready for your spanking!"  As will be seen, there is a reason for their anxiety.

Daija, of course, with her smart-mouth, is the first girl to be
spanked in the Punishment Room.  Here the riding crop is 
frequently used in addition to more effective straps and paddles. 

Heather, however, is the first girl getting ready to be strung up for
a whipping.  As she undresses, her Headmaster begins to whip
her with the riding crop.  The riding crop is used on her back,
legs, thighs and bottom.

Daija, being the Coed-in-Charge, is responsible for assisting in
preparing the girls for their spankings.  Here she gets Heather
tied up properly to the hook in the ceiling.  Hooks have been
properly placed for ease of presenting the girls.

Once Heather is properly tied, her Headmaster administers her
whipping with the riding crop.  In addition to being more severe
whippings and spankings in the Punishment Room, the 
punishment is also longer.  Normally the girls are taken to the 
Punishment Room only when they can count on being there
for 30-minutesto an hour or longer!

And, not only is the riding crop used on Heather, but she also
receives the strap.  And there are a variety of heavier straps that
will be used on the girls in the future.  This is but the first day of 
many that these girls will see in the Punishment Room.  In the
future, they will get to experience the stirrup strap among others!

But, as always, Daija just cannot behave, even if she is in-charge
of the other girls.  So, once again, she's presenting her bare
bottom for the Headmaster's corrective attention while Lynn gets
ready for her own whipping.  Heather is now kneeling and waiting
more punishment.

As Daija prepares Lynn to be whipped, the Headmaster continues
to work on Heather's bare bottom.  When in the Punishment 
Room there is no time to just sit around.  Once the punishment 
session begins, the girls can count on one of them being spanked
almost continuously.  Heather may have thought her punishment
was over after her whippingbut such was not the case!

And, again, Daija just cannot do what she is supposed to do in
preparing the girls for punishment.  Being the Coed-in-Charge is
hard work, and the girl who is frequently gets spanked more than
the girls who are being punished.  As here, normally more than
one girl will be taken to the Punishment Room to be punished as
the Headmaster first works on one bottom and then another!

But finally, not wanting Lynn to think she has been forgotten, her
Headmaster begins to work on her bottom.  He continues to whip
Lynn as Daija contemplates the spankings she has received
and Heather continues to present herself for more spankings.

When their punishment is complete, the girls are
lined up and lectured.

After being lectured, they have their Corner-Time.  But in the
Punishment Room they will stay there for 30-minutes to an hour.
And, you can just see the room to the right off of the Punishment
Room.  That is the Confinement Room.  That is where rebellious
girls are taken, tied by their wrists and ankles and made to lay
down on the floor where they will stay for several hours!
After their confinement they will be taken OTK for a very hard
hairbrush spanking in the Punishment Room and then another
very hard Before-Bed Spanking later that day.

As seen, the Punishment Room is not a place where these girls like to be taken.  The punishment is much more severe and longer than when they are simply spanked other places in the home.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Spanked Coed Stephanie

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Our new Spanked Coed Stephanie came to us to help her get better control over her life.  Being on probation, she needs a lot of the Headmaster's spanking attention. 

And, being a beautiful young lade doesn't hurt either!  Check out the photos below. 

Stephanie completing required forms.

Stephanie stripped naked and standing at-attention for her evaluation.

Stephanie getting spanked to remind her to obey.

Stephanie kneeling submissively, waiting to be spanked.

Stephanie kneeling as she listens to her Headmaster about what is expected of her.

Finally the spanking Stephanie had been promised.
OTK kicking and crying, Stephanie now knows that she had better be obedient.
"I will never ever disobey you sir.  I will do everything you say."
Stephanie has learned very well after being spanked hard.

You can see more of her 1-hour punishment session at our website:  Scroll down the right-hand side and click on her photo.  As you can see, also below, Stephanie knows that she is going to be doing a lot of crying to get her straightened out. 

Stephanie is made to kneel quite often to have her bare-bottom slapped hard.

The results of Stephanie's spanking are clear.  She got a very red bottom.
Even the next day she was still hurting and proudly showed off her bruised, red bottom to her Headmaster.
"Let me show you my bottom," she said proudly, as she pulled her pants down.
The bruises and redness of her bottom testified to her pride!
Although she did not like the spankings she got, as they did hurt a lot, the next
day she was very proud of what she had accomplished, and just may
be totally obedient to her Headmaster as she had promised.
Of course, if she isn't, she'll be kneeling naked again getting her bare-bottom slapped hard.

Not only are the results of Stephanie's spankings seen by the redness of her bottom,
but she continued to cry even after getting her top on.
Of course, she was still kneeling in the proper position!
More spankings are expected later this week, and every week for
quite some time yet.  She has a lot to learn!

What a lovely young lady Stephanie is.  At 19 years old, she has a lot of learning to do, and frequent bare-bottom spankings will help her learn what she needs.  She is a joy to work with and the Headmaster is very proud of her!  Enjoy, Ken