Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Personal-Development Programs

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Spanked Coeds offers, through the Headmaster, Personal-Development Programs for girls who need to get better control over their lives or just to be punished. 

For a description of the program, please go to: 

Domonique is the latest girl to come to the Headmaster to help her get her life under control.  Domonique is not a coed or a model.  She is 34-years-old and in real need of getting herself under control for a better life.  She came to Columbus from Warran, Ohio to contact the Headmaster to join his Personal-Development Program

Domonique is made to stand in front of the spanking implements
just as any other coed is made to do with the exception that she
is not naked.  Some girls in a personal-development program
are made to strip naked for their punishment, but most are not.
The criteria as to whether they are naked or not just depends
on their program and what is being accomplished and just
how much being naked would make the girl's punishment
more effective.  Being naked is more effective but not
always necessary.

She wants her discipline sessions filmed so that others will know how the Headmaster works in helping girls to achieve their best. As she found out, it's quite simple -- do exactly what she is told or get spanked. 

Here, Domonique receives her first spanking to let her know that
she will be spanked, and, as always, she will be spanked on her
bare bottom.  Although not all girls are naked, in fact in the
personal-development programs, most are not, they all must
be spanked on their bare bottom so that the spankings will
be more effective.

Of course, most girls in the Personal-Development Program are not filmed, nor does anyone ever know about their programs.  But, once-in-awhile there are girls who want to share their experiences.  We can certainly thank Domonique for being such a girl.

But also, Domonique has some serious problems that will need a lot of correction: Lying, Stealing, Fighting, Losing Temper, and Getting Drunk just as starters!   In fact, just today, one day after her first session, she got out-of-control again.  Her spanking is scheduled for Thursday.  She told on herself as she emailed the Headmaster: 
"I don t understand why COVA want me to explain what I want out of job.  I refuse to write the fucking paper.  I know this means I will get punish but I don t fucking right now.  I am going keep throwing this fit.  I also not doing the paper may result in them not paying for me to go back to school.  Yes, I am being fucking lazy and yes there is a sink full dishes I refuse to wash.  Now deal with that."
Well, of course, the Headmaster will deal with it.  Here we have a very immature little girl in need of a good, hard spanking, and she will get it.  Of course, having gotten through only one session which was not too hard on her, Domonique obviously still has some behavior problems to deal with--learning to write properly as a starter.  And, then there is her attitude and fucking language, let alone being lazy!  Well, you're getting the picture.  But Domonique actually represents many girls who come to the Headmaster. 

Here, Domonique is once-again made to present her bare bottom
to be spanked.  This spanking, as well as her first one, were not
too hard, but on Thursday she will be spanked much harder.
For the girls' first spankings they are spanked firmly but not
too hard.  The Headmaster gets to "know" the girl and just
what she needs to get her attention and help her focus
on what has to be done to improve her behavior.

As with Domonique, many girls do want to do better in controlling their behavior and their attitude and their laziness, but just do not either know how to do it or lack the motivation to do so.  One-girl-after-another has come to the Headmaster for help in getting their domestic life in order.  Not doing dishes, not cleaning the home, not taking trash out, not preparing meals, etc.  In-home inspections are frequently scheduled during which time the girl is spanked right there and then scheduled for an additional spanking at the Academy.  In fact, the spankings do eventually work, and rather than having to spend years in counseling-therapy, it may take a couple to a few months to begin to see definite results, and sometimes, after only a few sessions.  But, the spankings are far more effective than the years it would otherwise take to achieve their desired results. 

And, the "attitude-adjustments" are also frequently required.  In fact, that is one of the programs offered by the Headmaster--Attitude-Adjustment Punishment

All programs revolve around the basic spanking programs:  Spanking Therapy (Discipline) and Spanking Punishment.  The difference between "Discipline" and "Punishment" is defined as one of intensity and length of spanking--Discipline Spankings are firm but not too hard and last for 1- to 2-minutes.  Punishment Spankings are very hard and last for a minimum of 5-minutes, although frequently are 10- to 15-minutes or longer depending on what the girl has done. 

In addition, the following programs are also offered: 

Domestic Discipline
Academic Discipline
Assertiveness Training
Obedience Training
Daily Discipline and Punishment
Of course, individually-designed programs are also available. 

You can see Domonique's first spankings and discipline session at Spanking Library

We hope you enjoy the site and videos,
Headmaster Ken

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bottom Bruising

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From recent comments concerning a video produced by Michael Masterson, I see that I am not the only one who some viewers would like to criticize for being "abusive". 

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, bottoms do bruise when getting spanked.  And some bruise more than others.  And, when they bruise, they turn many different colors, including black-and-blue.  Of course, that can be avoided, as many sites do, by simply giving a girl a "patty-cake" spanking in which one has to really do some creative imagining to actually believe that the girl is getting spanked.  But, that's not for me, and other sites like those found in Real Spankings Network where the girls get spanked for "real".  There is a lot of promoting by various sites that they give "real" spankings.  Well, if they do, then the results will be bruised bottoms, and some will be more bruised than others.  And, if a girl is being punished hard, she will have a very bruised bottom.  If you don't want to see it, don't watch! 

On the positive side, since we both are getting complaints about "abusing" the girls, we are certainly doing a great job in presenting "real" spankings.  It is good when viewers actually believe that the girl is being "abused"!  If she weren't, she would not be presenting a properly punished girl.  Great job, Mike, keep up the good work!  I actually had one viewer of mine who wanted to "save" Daija from me.  He offered that "if you can get away, I'll help you".  Daija really liked that!  That meant that she was doing a great job of presenting a believable girl being punished. 

Now, just to add to the mix, here are some bottoms of some of my girls who get bruised when they get spanked.  The first 3 are of Zara and the last one is of Suzanne.  They both wanted more!  Especially Zara, whenever I finished spanking her, she would always say that she thought she should be spanked some more; and, of course, I obliged!  And, as you can see, Zara also got thrashed as she was strung up in the Punishment Room and whipped on her back.  Those are the marks of a riding crop that was used to whip her back.  Oh my! 

Now, here are some bottoms for comparison when you see others getting spanked.  If a girl is spanked hard, she is going to bruise, some more than others.  If she doesn't bruise she probably has not been spanked hard.  Further, if she does bruise, she probably knows it and yet continues to come back for more. 

Is it "abuse"?  Of course it is!  Anyone is "abused" when they are hit, that's the point!  If they are not "abused" they are not punished.  So, get over it, or go watch something else! 

If any of the girls watching would like to get spanked hard, just contact me and get to the Academy and I'll give you a proper spanking! 

Headmaster Ken

Monday, April 5, 2010

Brooke's Progressive Spanking

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The girls at the Academy are kept in line and behaving properly by being administered a variety of spankings, each one designed to accomplish a particular goal. 

Spankings are not just "spankings", but are intended to achieve a specific goal, since, otherwise, they are just beatings.  Now sometimes a girl may deserve a good beating, but even that should be couched in a particular type of spanking so that the girl "knows" that she is being beaten and why.  Some of the spankings that the girls at the Academy receive are:  Growing-Up Spankings, Training Spankings, Maintenance Spankings, Preemptive Spankings, Before-Bedtime Spankings, Bedtime Spankings, Touching-Up Spankings, Just-Because Spankings, Punishment Spankings, Disobedience Spankings, and Academic Spankings.  These spankings will be discussed in more detail in future Blogs. 

Girls who are in a Master-Submissive relationship also receive Submission Spankings and Proprietary Spankings, although the girls at the Academy do receive a variation of the Proprietary Spankings if they are going steady.  The Proprietary Spanking is required when a girl is going steady and she cheats on her boyfriend and is found playing around with another boy or flirts in public.  (I guess flirting in private is OK, since no one will really know!)  This spanking impresses upon the girl that her body "belongs" to her steady boyfriend and she is not to use it for another boy's pleasure! 

And, as noted by the title of this Blog, the girls also receive Progressive Spankings, which are a form of Punishment Spankings.  And, since they are for punishment, it is important that an implement other than the hand is used to spank the girl.  The Headmaster normally likes the hairbrush and paddle.  He likes the hairbrush, in particular, since the girls really hate it because it hurts too much!  The following series of photos depict the Progressive Spanking that Brooke received:   

As seen from the last photo, the Headmaster normally likes to end with the girl in a "corner-time" position where he administers a "final" 20 strokes. 

To see Brooke's Progressive Spanking, please go to Spanking Library

Enjoy, Headmaster Ken