Saturday, February 20, 2010

Daija's "Tone-of-Voice" Attitude-Adjustment

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I was reminded by a viewer that Daija still needed her "Tone-of-Voice" Attitude-Adjustment Spanking.  I'm sure that Daija really appreciates that I was reminded!  So, to catch up on what she needed, I called her into the Academy to take care of this little oversight.  You can see a clip of what she got by clicking on the title frame below, and then also enjoy the photos. 

Click this title frame to see the clip.

You can see the entire punishment session on  Spanking Library when it is published on the 22nd. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Personal-Development Sessions & Spanking Therapy

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OK, now that we have that scientifically confirmed, you can have a better understanding as to why girls want to get spanked and that it is effective!  For the report on these findings, see:

By "curing depression", spanking helps a girl to release her own creativity and establish self-control so that she can better achieve her goals.  Spanking-Therapy is about helping a girl to live her own life better.  It is not about dominance nor taking over that control by someone else. 

I have received several requests recently from girls who want to be spanked either for things they have done in the past, or to help them establish greater control over their current behavior and activities. Such spankings fall under my Personal-Development Programs and are private sessions. 

Unlike the films that are shown on my websites, these Personal-Development Programs are more restricted in terms of what is done.  First, the sessions may or may not be filmed.  But, even if they are filmed, the girl's face will not be shown so as to assure anonymity.  Whether the session is filmed or not helps to determine the session fees. 

Probably the most frequently asked question is whether or not the girl has to be naked when she is spanked.  The answer is:  "No."  However, most often she will have to be spanked on her bare bottom for the greatest effectiveness, although she will probably be spanked first over her clothes.  The following photos are indicative of the spankings that the girls receive. 

Normally, a girl will first be spanked over her clothes,
although, as here, a hairbrush may be used so that the
spanking will definitely hurt -- as intended!

Eventually, the girl will be spanked on her bare bottom
for greatest effectiveness.

Actually, the focus of the session is not on the spankings but on helping the girl to get herself under control so that she can manage her life better.  The spankings help to focus her attention on what is required, and then to punish her for her behavior.  The punishment is actually very cathartic, which is why the spankings do work. 

Actually there is a report from Novosibirsk, Siberia, cited above, to confirm this result.  So, whereas, you may be watching the films in this spanking industry for your own enjoyment, they actually depict what is required for many girls to achieve their own goals. 

The cost of the Personal-Development Programs is basically $200.00/hour, plus expenses in getting to and staying in Columbus, Ohio.  If the session is filmed, the cost is $100.00/hour. 

Frequently much can be accomplished in just one session, although, depending on the seriousness of the behavior, more sessions may be required.  Previously, in working with college-aged girls, it was found that 10 sessions are normally sufficient to obtain desired results; although, again, much can be accomplished in 1 to 5 sessions.  It just depends on what is expected. 

For example, if you are but looking to be punished for past behaviors, then that can be accomplished in one session.  But, if you are looking for actual behavior-modification, then more sessions would be required. 

Of course, if you are psychotic, very emotionally disturbed, etc., ..., please go see a professional psychiatrist or psychologist.  I have worked with such professionals, and do have my own background that qualifies me to provide counseling and guidance, but I do not work with the truly emotionally disturbed. 

The main criteria is: 
     Do you need to be punished; i.e., spanked for past behaviors?
     Do you need to develop assertiveness? 
     Do you need to obtain more self-control? 
     Do you need daily supervision to help control your domestic affairs? 
     Do you need to be made to get control over your life so you can study better and get better grades? 

If your answer is "Yes" to any of these, then the programs here may be able to help you. 

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Headmaster Ken