Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Falaka (Bastinado), Murgha, & Spanking Punishment of Angelina

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Angelina is both a secretary and student at the Academy.  As a result, she does receive a lot of punishment.  And, since she has a lot to learn about always being barefoot in the Academy and not performing at the nightclubs, she is given a lot of Falaka Punishment.  And, Murgha Punishment has also been found to be very effective with her. 

But, first, Angelina is a very lovely girl as you can see: 

Angelina, shown smiling -- one of the few times you
will see her this way.  Most often she is as shown 
below -- naked and scared of the spanking she
is going to receive!

 Angelina, getting ready to be spanked!

Most of the girls just have to be spanked OTK, or bending over in an appropriate manner.  But, Angelina just needs a lot of punishment, and it has been found that spanking her in a variety of positions and different ways of punishing her is more effective; e.g., in addition to spanking her OTK, she is also given Falaka Punishment and Murgha Punishment, as well as taking her to the Punishment Room to be tied up and spanked.

Angelina, OTK in her schoolgirl uniform being spanked
to "encourage" her to study better. 

Angelina being spanked with a paddle after being made to strip
naked.  Most often the girls have to strip naked to be spanked
since it has been found that a girl pays much more attention
when she is naked when she is spanked.

Angelina receiving Falaka Punishment.

Angelina OTK receiving Falaka Punishment.
With Angelina, her positioning OTK so that both her bare bottom
and feet are properly presented provides for a more effective
punishment.  She is required to keep her feet of the floor with
her knees bend so her feet are easily accessible to be hit.
In this position, her Headmaster can alternate between her
bottom and fee to administer her punishment.

Angelina is shown above in the Murgha 
Position.  It is clear that this is an excellent
position in which to spank her.  And, it, of
course, can be done naked or clothed. 
Having her naked, of course, is most effective.

Angelina bound and gagged in the
Punishment Room for her whipping.

Angelina kneeling on her bed to be spanked.

Angelina being made to strip down to be inspected
and to get ready to be spanked.

Angelina standing at-attention as she is lectured about
her unacceptable behavior and informed of the
spanking she is going to receive.
Angelina sitting properly at-attention as her behavior is
evaluated and her assignments are given.
When speaking with the Headmaster, the girls must
always be at-attention and speak properly.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Brooke's Academy Return

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Brooke has returned to the Academy after having been dismissed due to attitude problems.  This time, she was given a long Attitude-Adjustment as soon as she returned, as you can see from the photo below. 

Brooke receiving one of many OTK spankings
to help "adjust" her attitude upon returning to
the Academy.  She was punished during a
15-minute punishment session.  You can see
her spanking-punishment at Spanking Library.

It is good to have Brooke back with us, and we know that she will behave much better this time and accomplish many of her goals.  Below are more photos that show just how lovely Brooke is. 

As you can see, Brooke receives a lot of personal attention.  You can see more of her at both Spanking Library and Spanked Coeds: 

Headmaster Ken