Friday, April 8, 2011

Kyndall's Spanking Positions!

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Spanked Coed Kyndall has become an exceptional girl by cooperating with her Headmaster so that he can administer the spankings that she needs. 

She presents her bottom very well and holds her position for her spanking, showing that she has been well-spanked at home and by her boyfriend.  Kyndall is a pleasure to work with as she is very obedient and presents herself very well as can be seen in the following photo where she is kneeling as she listens to her Headmaster lecture her and tell her what she is going to do. 

One thing that has been very impressive about Kyndall is how well she bends over and presents her bottom to be spanked.  Although she is easily hurt, she still holds her bottom in position until her Headmaster is through spanking her.  Some of her positions are seen below. 

 This position shows just how exceptional Kyndall is.
When ordered to kneel for her spanking, she immediately
does so and presents her bottom to be spanked!

 As seen here, Kyndall is always very distressed when being
spanked.  Her spankings do hurt, as they are supposed to!

  And, one of the more enjoyable times of day is at bedtime
when Kyndall is naked and bending over her Headmaster's
knee for her Bedtime Spanking.

 As seen above, Kyndall is frequently over her Headmaster's
knee getting spanked.  While she is a very lovely girl, and
one who no one would suspect would ever need to be spanked,
in fact, she needs to be spanked on an almost daily basis!

MURGHA!  This is a position that Kyndall has learned well!
It is anticipated that she will frequently be in this position for
her spankings, especially when she does not get her reports
or studies done properly and on time!

 But, as always, as seen below, Kyndall is just a very lovely girl, even after she has been spanked!  She is always smiling, even through her tears. 

Kyndall is just a very lovely girl to work with and is enjoyable to have around.  You can see much more of her on Spanking Library and on the Spanked Coeds site where she will soon also be seen. 



Friday, March 25, 2011

New Girl Kyndall!

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Meet our new Spanked Coed Kyndall.
Kyndall is a very attractive and lovely girl.  
She's your typical "girl-next-door" who you just
know would never have to be spanked.
As usual, you'd be wrong!

Kyndall comes from a small farming community where girls are apparently frequently spanked.  Kyndall has been spanked has been spanked by both her dad and boyfriend.  Her dad spanked her until she was 18 and her boyfriend has spanked her when she does not get her chores done or serve him properly. 
 Here, Kyndall is preparing dinner in the kitchen.  
She is learning that in the Rooming Home, she
will frequently be naked or dressed very skimpy,
ready to be spanked!

And, it doesn't take much to have her bending over the kitchen stool for her spankings, as seen below. 

 The Headmaster, of course, wants her bare bottom presented fully exposed and ready to spank, so he does not have to do anything but give that bottom the spanking-attention it needs.  As seen below, Kyndall knows how to present herself very well to be enjoyed, inspected, and spanked! 

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Brooke's New 2-hour Movie!

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Brooke has always had problems wetting her bed and her panties.  A new movie is being produced and will be available soon--sometime in early February on Spanking Library (click the banner above).  The movie is appropriately entitled:  "Brooke Still Pees Her Panties!" 

Of course, in addition to seeing Brooke in diapers and panties with pads, she is spanked a lot!  Shown below are some of the scenes that you will see in the movie! 

Hope you enjoy these photos and will enjoy the film! 

This film is actually produced to bring awareness to the plight of many girls who are 19-years-old, or thereabouts, and who still pee themselves at night and during the day.  It is estimated that about 2% of 19-year-old girls still wet themselves at night and during the day.  So, this is no trivial matter.  And, it may be that the Headmaster's discipline program could very well help these girls to overcome their problem, just as it has in helping girls who cut.  Within 2 weeks of discipline-therapy, the Headmaster helped a girl to stop cutting who had been cutting for over 2 years previously and had been hospitalized at times as she had cut herself so deep that she was bleeding out.

Whether or not a girl can be "cured" of wetting herself by being in the spanking-discipline program of the Headmaster remains to be seen.  But, after 15+ years of putting up with the problem, it just may be worth a try.  This is especially so when 20% of those girls who are still wetting themselves at 19 do so every day! 

Headmaster Ken