Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Coed Daughter Jade

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Spanked Coed Daughter Jade has arrived at the Academy Rooming to start learning from the Headmaster who will be her Daddy for the foreseeable future. 

As can be seen by the following photo, Jade is a lovely girl, but she says that she needs to be properly "motivated" to get her work done and behave herself. 

 Jade, the Headmaster's new daughter, is a very
lovely girl.  You will really enjoy getting to know 
Jade, as she does need a lot of control and training.
After it was explained to Jade that her Daddy was in fact very strict, although caring, and that she would be expected to be obedient and do what she was told to do or she would be spanked hard, she replied:  

"Sounds like everything I've been searching for. 
I am very pleased and very ready to be your daughter.
I've tried very hard to find discipline and structure in my life,
which is what I need.  I need to be controlled to make sure that
I get my work done that I have to do, and I need help in planning
for school.  I want to go to school so that I become a better
person and get a job that I want.
I'm so happy about this. Thank you so so much. "

Jade was told that she would be well cared for by her loving Daddy, but, again, that she was expected to do better with her behavior and to start getting her chores done on time.  Again, she replied:  

"Dear Daddy, 
                          It's very nice to have you there. I really want to be better, and 
I really hope I can be the best daughter ever.  
Believe me there are plenty of reasons to spank me, and I know you will. 
I have to get my life together.  It's just that every time I get motivated, 
I start to loose it and let people discourage me. 
I know better, but then I make excuses why I can't make it. 
As you probably have already figured out my self-esteem is very low. 
I'll be up at a decent hour tomorrow.  
Have a great evening.
                                                                  Your Lil Girl, Jade"

When Jade got to the Academy Rooming Home, she quickly learned that things were definitely going to be different and she was definitely going to start behaving better.  After a couple of spankings ... yes, Jade was spanked twice within a few minutes after walking in the door, one for not dressing properly and one for not taking her shoes off upon entering the home ... 

Jade receives one of her many bare-bottom
spankings soon after she enters the Academy
Rooming Home.

But, after her spankings, she was ordered to dress better and report back to her Daddy.  As you can see from the following photo, she began to realize that there was a reason she was scared of her Daddy, even if she did want all of the attention hew as giving here:  

After being spanked a couple of times and sent
to her room to get herself into a proper dress,
Jade returns in a much more somber, yet obedient
mood.  Her attitude-adjustment has begun!

Of course, Jade met Daija, who welcomed her and made her feel right at home.  While the Headmaster frowns on smoking, the girls do frequently sneak out to the back porch to smoke. 
Daija and Jade go to the back porch to talk and
have a smoke.
Of course, before bed, Jade was "reminded" that she had better behave properly and be obedient when she is in the home, and, in particular, she is to be obedient to her new Daddy or he will spank her hard. 

Jade receives her Before Bedtime Spanking.

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Enjoy, Headmaster/Daddy Ken

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