Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coeds' OTK Spankings Clip!

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As reported previously, I will soon start posting 3 OTK spanking clips each week on MWF.  These are in addition to the 5 videos that are uploaded each week -- making 8 new clips uploaded each week!  The 3 new OTK spanking clips are a bonus for the members to give them more to enjoy! 

And, to give you an idea of just what these new clips will look like, here is the first one for all to see!  It features Coed Daija OTK getting just what she needs -- a hard spanking! 

Click the title frame below to see Daija get spanked OTK! 

Similar OTK spankings will be uploaded on MWF each week for your enjoyment.  Sign up at so that you do not miss any of the spankings! 

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