Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Spanked Coed Stephanie

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Our new Spanked Coed Stephanie came to us to help her get better control over her life.  Being on probation, she needs a lot of the Headmaster's spanking attention. 

And, being a beautiful young lade doesn't hurt either!  Check out the photos below. 

Stephanie completing required forms.

Stephanie stripped naked and standing at-attention for her evaluation.

Stephanie getting spanked to remind her to obey.

Stephanie kneeling submissively, waiting to be spanked.

Stephanie kneeling as she listens to her Headmaster about what is expected of her.

Finally the spanking Stephanie had been promised.
OTK kicking and crying, Stephanie now knows that she had better be obedient.
"I will never ever disobey you sir.  I will do everything you say."
Stephanie has learned very well after being spanked hard.

You can see more of her 1-hour punishment session at our website:  Scroll down the right-hand side and click on her photo.  As you can see, also below, Stephanie knows that she is going to be doing a lot of crying to get her straightened out. 

Stephanie is made to kneel quite often to have her bare-bottom slapped hard.

The results of Stephanie's spanking are clear.  She got a very red bottom.
Even the next day she was still hurting and proudly showed off her bruised, red bottom to her Headmaster.
"Let me show you my bottom," she said proudly, as she pulled her pants down.
The bruises and redness of her bottom testified to her pride!
Although she did not like the spankings she got, as they did hurt a lot, the next
day she was very proud of what she had accomplished, and just may
be totally obedient to her Headmaster as she had promised.
Of course, if she isn't, she'll be kneeling naked again getting her bare-bottom slapped hard.

Not only are the results of Stephanie's spankings seen by the redness of her bottom,
but she continued to cry even after getting her top on.
Of course, she was still kneeling in the proper position!
More spankings are expected later this week, and every week for
quite some time yet.  She has a lot to learn!

What a lovely young lady Stephanie is.  At 19 years old, she has a lot of learning to do, and frequent bare-bottom spankings will help her learn what she needs.  She is a joy to work with and the Headmaster is very proud of her!  Enjoy, Ken

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