Monday, November 16, 2009

New Spanked Coed Kelly -- Never Been Spanked!

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What a lovely girl, Spanked Coed Kelly, has turned out to be.

Spanked Coed Kelly is just as lovely in person as
she looks here. 

Spanked Coed Kelly is the kind of coed who you would never believe would ever need to be spanked.  But, she does!  As with many other attractive girls, she has often gotten her way because she just looks so sweet and innocent that others, mainly guys, just cannot say "No" to her.  But, she found out very quickly that her Headmaster is not one of those guys.  When a beautiful girl needs to be spanked, he just makes her strip naked and bend over and get spanked! 

As seen here, when Spanked Coed Kelly needs to be spanked
she bends over and gets spanked!

And Spanked Coed Kelly learned
quickly that when she was ordered
to kneel and wait to be punished,
she did as she was told!

Bending over, grabbing ankles.  Spanked
Coed Kelly will be in this position
frequently as her Headmaster works on
properly punishing her.

Check out our website to see Spanked Coed Kelly's first spanking ever. 
Just click on the photo shown there of her bending over her Headmaster's knee to see her get a real good paddling!  And see her excellent facial expressions as the paddle is applied to her bare bottom. 

Spanked Coed Kelly is going to be a real treat as she learns to behave properly and be obedient to her Headmaster. 

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